Sunday, November 17, 2013

I Liked Oprah Better Before She Got Political

There was a time when millions of women wanted to be the BFF of Oprah Winfrey.  She was successful beyond belief, had the same great looking beau for years and despite all she seemed down to earth, real.  One of the girls.

She was never political until Barack Obama ran for President. I can understand why she changed.  Lots of us did.  We wanted so much to believe in this young man, for him to succeed, to bring the country together.
Race wasn't a factor to enough of us who did not share his to make him the resounding winner.

But what happened to Oprah?  Is it because she gave up her daily gig to promote her own TV network and has found it wanting?  Is it because her last movie, The Butler, has been a box office bust?  I don't know, but suddenly she is on a racist kick.

Okay, maybe she believes the President has so many detractors because of his race.  To be sure there are  people of that persuasion.  But they are not the cause of his problems and by suggesting so on foreign soil is a disservice to both herself, the country and the President.

The President's problems are of his own making.  Attitude, personality traits, management style,  inexperience and unpopular policies are contributing factors. It's disingenuous for her to suggest it's all due to his race.

What makes it even worse she blames that attitude on aging whites and goes on to say the problem of racism won't be over until we all die!  Well, Oprah, I'm in no hurry to oblige you.

I also don't think my generation is the problem as much as the behavior of the younger set in places like Chicago where the whole city lives in fear of the racial gangs.

You don't hear those like Alan West, or Ben Carson or Herman Cain harping on race as the cause of their successes or failures.  They talk about policy and that's where the discussion should be.

Look at yourself and what you accomplished regardless of your race.  Are you now going to blame the lack of success of your network on race?  Please.  Don't.

Look at the President you defend.  He had a questionable educational background by his own hand in not releasing his transcripts.  His mother was an avowed communist.  His preacher was one you chose not to be affiliated with. Many of his associates had less than stellar backgrounds when it came to patriotism. His work experience was no more than being, for a short time at that, a community organizer.  He came to office on a wave of hope. He ran into trouble because he cared more about furthering his ideology rather than the country.  People finally noticed as it began to affect them personally.

Had he been white with that background he'd never have become President. That his agenda is in trouble has nothing to do with the fact that he isn't white.

The country has forgiven him more than deserved.  To accuse that same country of racism in the beholding of his problems is just not true.  There was a time I thought Oprah was above brandishing the race card under false pretenses.  I guess I was wrong.

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