Thursday, November 14, 2013

The "Fix" Is In

Ah, the Sun King has waved his scepter and all is well!  Obamacare lives! Don't believe it.

I've been wondering for some time if the President is really as dumb as he sometimes appears or if  he thinks we're so dumb we'll buy anything he says. Remember too, he has no authority to any of what he's said he will do but then that's never stopped him before.  Perhaps now is the time to challenge him.

If he really believes what he said in today's remarks he isn't cognisant of the facts. Continuing the plans now being canceled is not as easy as his waving the magic wand.  There are rewrites, filings, insurance commissioners' sign offs not to mention finding the people effected, notifying them and their doctors and hospitals, etc. of yet another change and the process of changing those areas to reverse once again what has already begun. Kathleen Sebelius, having been an insurance commissioner, should have alerted him to the impossibility of doing this, especially in a timely manner.  Remember we're talking about millions of policies.

Some insurance firms have even quite writing health insurance, not wanting to get into the Obamacare mess.  There is no easy fix.

Even if a fix were possible it will take months.  He only extended the timeline for one year.  Then what?  It begins all over again, he did not exempt insurance companies for having to comply nor people from having to be insured.  He has, if a fix is possible, allowed for a huge gap in funding which will mean higher premiums when it does finally kick in.  Those who can't afford ACA policies now, even with subsidies, certainly won't under increased premiums.  Remember too, a lot of those young people his slightly sleazy ads are aimed at will be on their parent's plan until they're 26, leaving another funding gap.  What he has essentially done is collapse his signature legislation by his own hand.

Nope.  Nothing happened today other than more politics in an effort to get the people off his back. When the actual insurance people begin to weigh in the tide will change again considering he has just set them up to take the fall for one more unachievable task.

The fault, however, does not fall on the President alone.  We have 100% of the Democrats who voted in lock step for this monster. I almost feel sorry for the Democratic "strategists" who continue to spout the daily talking points in support of the law.  They look so foolish expounding about something of which they haven't a clue other than what they've been told to say.

 Have you wondered what the qualifications are to be a strategist?  Both sides seem to have so many, mostly women with long blond hair who sit with legs crossed to show to best advantage.  May the better looking side win the day! Pardon my being snarky but its emblematic of the whole process.

Anyway, it's not over by a long shot.  The Republicans cannot just sit back and watch hoping the damage is sufficient to sink the law.  They must present a comprehensive and less costly alternative.  I'll give them a couple of days to get their act together but won't hold my breath.

It's a shame that the little that is good about the law is being obscured by the majority which is bad. If the Republicans come forward with a plan, they should indeed include those parts.  Being smart and
magnanimous would really be something and definitely give them the march on the Democrats!  It would be, however, for the wrong reasons.  They should be doing it for the American people.  Not to win one for themselves.


marlu said...

Is there anyone in Washington who does anything for anyone besides themselves?
Just get re-elected!

Margie's Musings said...

As long as the power brokers...the rich..are running everything, it will be like this. Blame the Supreme Court which decided that huge lobbys made up of the very rich, were simply "individuals".

Every congressperson is ruled by those very rich powerful lobbys whose money elects every one of them. They dare not think for themselves if they want to be re-elected.