Saturday, March 01, 2014

The Illustration Sums It Up For The U.S.

Sorry I haven't been posting lately.  I've been getting a series of shots in my posterior trying to eliminate pain that has been nagging me for years then getting over the not too pleasant side effects.

It seems there are a whole lot of government people in Washington who could use some shots too. Like to the head.  Maybe they'd remember what America is about and what they should be doing in this time of world wide crisis. But I doubt it.  They've had more than enough time to coalesce for the country but would rather play blame games for their own lack of conviction among themselves.

Forget the President.  He either doesn't understand national interest or doesn't care or is a coward.  Take your pick but he has surrendered everything we were to the world in these few short years and is dragging the country down while he's at it.

I cannot nor will not make excuses for him; I do hold him in utter contempt.  Too bad it doesn't help.  I might add I don't blame him alone.  I blame a totally feckless Congress, both parties, for having lost touch with reality and the country they are supposed to be serving.  They are, every last one of them, a disgrace.  Too bad they seem to be able to live with it so well.  Perhaps that's why it's said ignorance is bliss.

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Word Tosser said...

And the sad thing is... there is no relief on the horizon... coming up is mid terms elections.. and who stands shining? No one... then after that we will be indated with politics 2015 for 2 years.. and on that horizon.. NO ONE.. at least no one I can see.. Even Christie has feet of clay.. we are really in a sad state of affairs.