Wednesday, February 26, 2014

So Sue Me

Most of the time I take the side of the LGBT community but not this time, not in the Arizona case where they want to be protected against those who don't want to do business with them.  I also have a problem with those who hide behind their religion as an excuse.

 First of all, as a society we sue too much over too little.  So perhaps someone can enlighten me.  For something as important and as memory making as a wedding, why would anyone want someone who doesn't like them for whatever reason, want to force them into doing business.

If a group of, say, Hells Angels came into my place of business with their tattoos and piercings and leathers, I'd not be interested in doing business with them either.  No matter what my business may be. I would also not expect to be sued. Neither would have a thing to do with my religion either since I basically don't have one.  It would be personal preference and I should be allowed that choice. Otherwise I'm the one being discriminated against. Bullied, actually.

Bakers, florists.  It's not like there is a shortage of them.  Find someone else who would be happy to work with you.  You'll get a better end result or will you also sue if the job isn't up to your expectations?

The current administration is slowly but surely bringing gay marriage around to the point of nationalizing the legality of it under the faulty guise of Constitutionality no matter what individual states and the people within want. If you want acceptance, which with these actions makes it hard to swallow as is, stop with the frivolous suits.

I'd like to see the day everyone feels free to be themselves no matter what orientation that might be, orientation including race, religion and politics too. I'd like to see the day your community blends in so well no one would think of asking, "Are you?" Is it really necessary to shout out "I'm gay! Accept me or else!"

Do you really think your orientation has more to do with your acceptance than how you handle it? If so, how sad. And if so, it's time to understand its a large part of why others want to steer clear.  

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