Thursday, May 29, 2014

Shinseki - Should He Go Or Stay

When General Eric Shinseki was chosen to head the VA I thought it was one of Obama's best picks.  Even with all that is now going on, I'm not sure he isn't.

Sebelius wasn't dismissed for the debacle she made of Obamacare.  Why should Shinseki be dismissed for a problem that isn't of his making?

I think he should be given the chance to make it right.  I do not for a minute believe, that as a former general, he doesn't care deeply about veterans.

The problem as I see it lies with Congress and the bureaucracy and the structure of civil service jobs. Plus the type of people, across the board, who fill them.  Self serving and greedy at the expense of those in dire need.  What kind of citizens are these?

Tell Harry Reid to get off his behind and bring to the floor legislation that allows the firing of civil service no matter at what level they serve.  Then fire everyone involved as they are found and demand the return of their bonuses if such was received.  Prosecute to the full extent of the law those who acted criminally and send them to prison. No plea deals.  We're not dealing with children even if they're acting like it.

Replace every one who has oversight responsibilities and with the upcoming election those who turned a blind eye to what has been happening. What makes this so egregious is that it has been going on throughout every administration, not just this one.  This time they just happened to get caught and have no place to hide.

This is a non-partisan issue just as the Vets are non-partisan.  I cannot remember when there has been no grumbling about VA services and waits.

Shinseki should have the authority to do what's necessary.  If he doesn't this is one time the President should go around Congress with his phone and his pen and give it to him. Give the Vets vouchers for private sector care now.  Don't wait for an investigation to show what we already know.  Don't let Congress drag it's feet hoping it will go away.  Remember, this is government run health service, what we'll all get with Obamacare.  If you can't relate then pretend you're a Vet in need!  Give the General a chance to save his men.

Then go through every agency in the government and do the same housecleaning.  If this Congress can't get it done, make sure the next one can.

How many national disgraces does it take to get our attention?  How many national disgraces does it take to demand change?  This should be the final nail in the coffin.  If it isn't we're beyond hope and will get nothing more than what we deserve. I should hate to think this is it.


Betty said...

I agree that Shinseki shouldn't be fired. All this mess started in 1970 and has been largely ignored ever since. All we get is lip service. And I agree that Vets should be able to go the doctors they choose, at least until things are straightened out.

But, I don't think Harry Reid has any authority to fire anyone in the Veteran's Administration. Congress has cut back on funding constantly over the years.

It's going to be up to the voters to show their disapproval, and I don't see that happening any time soon.

Mari Meehan said...

Reid does not have the authority but there is legislation pending that would allow it if only he would bring it to the floor which even you must know is unlikely!

I don't know Betty, are you getting closer to my way of thinking or me to yours? ; )

Betty said...

Mari: It wouldn't be any fun if we agreed on everything all the time. But, I think we do agree on a lot of things. :)