Friday, May 30, 2014

All It Takes Is Money

 Money, money, money.  Money makes the world go round. I wish it wasn't so but could it, in some cases,  be justified?

Last night on Lou Dobbs, Catherine Engelbrecth, the President of True the Vote was addressing, once again, the IRS fiasco.  Frustrated with the inability to extract information from all the parties involved, the organization has taken a rather unusual step.  They've offered $1 million for information that will bring those involved to justice.  A bounty if you will.

Wow.  It sounds like this organization means business.  If what Ms. Englebrecht says is true, people have been coming out of the wood work with information.  I hope this is so for a number of reasons, however the least of which is the idea that one has to be paid to come forward. What, does the IRS have a code of silence like the gangs in Chicago?  Probably.

On the other hand, if this is what it takes I will give it a qualified approval.  The information gleaned must be thoroughly vetted.

What I see as the most positive is this organization, which claims to be non-partisan, is taking the early steps of taking our country back.  For this I applaud them. Even if those with information feel the need to be paid for it, it's a start.  And too, if the numbers coming forward are as numerous as she claims,  a high percentage of them know they will receive no payment.  Maybe clearing their conscience for withholding information  is payment enough.

Too bad all those who have been attacked by government entities (the IRS, the EPA, etc.) don't have the funds to pay out.  Most can't even pay lawyers to take up their cause. Maybe this is the beginning of a crack in the dam. With time and pressure it will grow and ultimately break.

Along the same line of thought, let's hope the resignation today of Eric Shinseki does not end the probe into practices at the VA.  He may have been part of the problem but it started and mostly remains way below his level.

When the adage that secretaries run corporations and Sargents run the army, be sure low and mid level union protected bureaucrats run the government.

May the independent, non-affiliated watch dog groups continue their good work. They've certainly got lots of bones to pick!

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