Friday, June 06, 2014

Hannity's Histrionics

Why is it so many talking heads have guests that are far superior to them in intellect?  You can always tell when they have one on. The conversation rapidly deteriorates into either a monologue by the host disallowing the guest to get a word in edgewise.  The shouting matches where noting of value is said by either party usually has as a guest someone of the same mentality but a different viewpoint.

What really irks me is when a host tries to put words in the guests mouth to make it appear he or she is in agreement. FOX's Hannity is one of the most egregious. I don't watch him often because of his intellectual shortcomings but last night  for some reason I did.  It just reconfirmed I am correct.

Of course the subject was Bowe Bergdahl.  I don't know what the end story will be of this misadventure but he may well wish he was back in Afghanistan.  There are so many stories swirling around I don't think anyone is yet able to sort out which are true and which are not.  Hannity, however,  has tried him,  found him guilty of everything from deserting to collaborating with the enemy, and is ready to hang him.

James Rosen has been doing some excellent reporting, as he does, on what isn't known and the implications of just that.  When one is in captivity, being held by those you were sent to fight, could you become disillusioned with them just as you had your own country and the reasons you were sent to fight?  I would guess so.

Would you do everything in your power to stay alive, even claiming to join forces with them?  I would suggest you might.  The psychological nuances of a person in such circumstances are vast and at this point we haven't enough information to make a judgement. Hannity tried mightily to reshape Rosen's report and failed miserably.  Yet he continued the same mantra over and over ad nauseam.

Perhaps Bergdahl did walk away from his post leaving behind his weapon, body armor and a damning letter. What happened next?  That's where we are at a standstill. We don't know.  The only one who does, for sure, is Bergdahl and those he was with.  They won't tell us anything.  We don't know how truthful Bergdahl will be in his debriefing but I trust we have skilled people handling it and will be able to sort the wheat from the chaff.

I won't even get into the behavior of his father other than to say I have no idea what ends I might go to if he were my son.

Could Bergdahl have been compromised?  Could he be a one man cell?  Possibly.  But for Sean Hannity to make that judgement and try to convince all those to whom he speaks that his words, and his alone, are the truth and should be considered such is disgusting and unworthy of any on air broadcast, even FOX.

He may be a talking head but it's a damn empty one.


marlu said...

I agree with you on this one!
Why do those "hosts" outtalk their guests? I try to listen and can't take it. Sometimes I wonder if they would just rather sit and rant without anyone there with them - a la Rush?

Betty said...

Oh, my gosh! There we go agreeing again! I feel about Chuck Todd the way you feel about Hannity. Todd's background is in analyzing polls. He is simply empty headed, otherwise. He has asked some of the most ignorant questions in Presidential news conferences I have ever heard. I don't know why NBC doesn't fire him. He has embarrassed himself and the network too many times. Today's media !!

Mari Meehan said...

Be still my heart! Both you and Marlu agreeing with me. On the same day yet! Maybe I should quit while I'm ahead.