Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Beauty of Cochran's Win

Thad Cochran is old.  He looks old.  He's of the ilk of which I speak when I say it's time for them to retire.  Heck, he's four years older than me!  Time for new blood and fresh ideas.

The people of Mississippi don't agree.  Cochran brings home the pork.  But not all pork is bad.  Especially when it's slated for the down trodden, the poor and the under educated.  In Mississippi those people are mostly black and Democrat.

So what the the new kid, Chris McDanie's, have to offer? Absolutely nothing and Mississippi let him know. The beauty of which I speak is that Cochran won with votes from across party lines.  For his record of accomplishment.  That how it should be.

It's a lesson in gray.  Nothing is black nor white, especially in politics.  That McDaniel had no problem with Mississippi's open primary system wasn't of concern when he thought he might win.  But when a run off was necessary good political strategy on the part of his wily old opponent flat out out smarted him.  Now he's crying foul.  Sorry sir.  Too late. Change the law if you don't like it.

I'm not a fan of unending government hand outs but obviously there are situations where they are needed and desirable.  Mississippi is not a wealthy state and their senior Senator is doing what he can to compensate for it. Good show.

Liz Cheney may have learned the same lesson in Wyoming where she thought perhaps her name and relative youth might out upend the well established incumbant.  She didn't even make it to the primary.

I guess it goes to show when we generalists shout throw the bums out, all of them, we need a rethink.  Not all the bums are actually that.  Some of them look pretty darned good compared to those who would replace them.

But definitely not always. That's the trick.


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