Monday, June 16, 2014

To Go Or Not To Go ~ That Is The Question

Nero fiddled while Rome burned.  Obama plays golf while the mid-east erupts.  I hope he got a lot of thinking done on the links this past week end.

However, if he's really considering sending in special forces to help with the Iraqi situation I'd advise him to think again.

Not one American life should be put at risk for al-Malaki and the thugs in his government. He had his chance and blew it before the last American was even off Iraqi soil. Now he wants our help to ward off ISIS, an even worse bunch of thugs.

Any other administration might be able to come together with Iran to help the Shiite cause without paying a price to the Iranians but I don't trust this government to do so.  Heck, we can't even spring a Marine wrongly jailed in neighboring Mexico or keep the Central American countries from flooding our borders with their kids.

Do you really think we can quell the violence in Iraq?  Everything we had going for us during the Iraqi war is long gone.  We no longer have intelligence capabilities, personnel or equipment.  The last thing we should do is re-enter the conflict. Especially since the President follows no counsel except his own.

Al-Malaki sold out to the Iranians a long time ago.  That was how he was able to maintain power.  They can bail him out if it is to be.  Never-the-less, Iraq will never be the same.  Shiia and Sunni will forever be struggling for what's left of what's already gone.  ISIS will continue to regroup and gain strength.  If they do cede any hard won territory it will be a bloody battle of which we'd best not be a part.
Let the current participants fight to the death. Last terrorist standing wins. Until that fight is over we're relatively safe.  Everyone is fighting for dominance at the moment.

That gives us time to actually come up with a strategy with which to move forward.  Hopefully we'll have a new president in time.  One who understands the office of President is not a personal paradise in which to indulge in whimsical activity while leaving the rest of the world to wonder at what is now considered, by this President and administration, par. 

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