Wednesday, July 02, 2014

So Sue Me

I often wonder these days how our country is going to survive the remainder of Obama's term.  Whether or not you agree with the Supreme Court decisions, they have been made never-the-less and the President has been slapped down on many occasions.  Sometimes unanimously.

So why, I wonder, has the President decided to continue his mantra of it's my way or the highway.  He complains endlessly about the Republicans refusal to work with him.  House Speaker Boehner explains one reason is they have no reason to trust that the President will enforce the laws they may pass. There is good reason for this. He doesn't enforce much of what is already on the books. Just look at immigration which is his latest rant.  Look at how he has changed the laws to suit his purposes, whatever they may be.  How in the world is allowing illegals to swarm our borders, taxing the border states as well as the Federal government going to help anyone?  Will it enhance the Hispanic vote?  I'm willing to bet not. What it will do is breed resentment.  It's already begun with demonstrators meeting bus loads of these people.  We'll be luck if violence doesn't ensue.

I'm thinking the Court's slap downs are too subtle.  This man needs to be hit over the head.  But then, deep inside I know he is doing what he does because he wants to.  Not because the Republicans won't cooperate.  It's because they would like to tweak some of his ideas and he won't allow it.  So who isn't cooperating?

I have never seen a man so ill suited for the presidency as this man.  I've never seen a man so invested in himself above all else, especially his country.  It's chilling.  Now he stands before his hand picked audience and challenges the Republicans, "So sue me!"

Well, Mr.  Boehner, why don't you? While you're at it  can you make it a class action suit? Does it make you wonder that the Constitution has no measures for recourse against a President's dereliction of duty?  Consider the idea that they never thought the people would elect such a person.

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