Thursday, July 03, 2014

Will Cheney Help Or Hurt The Republicans In The Mid-Terms?

Will the re-emergence of Dick Cheney help or hurt the Republicans in the mid-terms?  There is so much going on about which voters are rightfully incensed my guess he will have little impact.

I think it depends, however, on what happens in the middle east over the next couple of months. Those who believe it wouldn't be in the mess it is if it weren't for the Bush/Cheney policies and rush to war will be reminded of just that - the Bush/Cheney rush to war.

On the other hand, there is nothing this country did or could have done to quell the unrest between the Shiia and Sunnie and the minority religions that try to exist in the region.  It has been festering for centuries.

One argument is that had Saddam remained in power he would have kept his iron fist on the unrest.  By toppling him and putting in place a "democracy" was the regions undoing.  It has proven true across the region, not just Iraq.  Imposing what we think is the best way to govern on those who have never experienced it nor have a clue how to accomplish it is doomed to fail.

We can hardly lead by example today where we have a president seemingly intent to rule on his own without regard for the democratically elected representatives of the people.  This administration seems to mimic those in the mid-east rather than the other way around.  Who's learning from whom?

I admire Mr. Cheney's realistic grasp of what makes that part of the world tick.  But not unlike our current president, he also sees no gray in the way he feels others should think. His only advantage is clarity in his understanding, not necessarily the solution he championed at the time. That time has passed and all the backward looking will not change it. This President lacks the initial and all important understanding. Why?  Naivete.  Lack of interest. Inexperience. Plus the firm belief that he knows better than all the experts combined.  Not a combination of traits to encourage trust.

The accusations of war on women, minorities, the environment, etc. are all politically motivated means of distraction.  The real war is the one that threatens not only our security but that of the entire world is the one Mr. Cheney discusses. Right or wrong for having been part of our getting into it, he has a lot to say about where we are and where we should consider going.  We'd be foolish to let the past and political rhetoric dissuade us from listening.


G. F. Francis said...

We did not find WMDs in Iraq. Let's assume Bush did not take out Saddam. Saddam's fear of attack by Bush may have prevented him from pursuing WMDs. What would Saddam have done with Obama in power?

Mari Meehan said...

Ha! He'd own it all!