Sunday, October 12, 2014

What Will We Do When Baghdad Falls?

We need more than a genie on a flying carpet to get out of this mess.  Baghdad, if you've looked at the latest maps of the IS progression, is surrounded.

Despite assuring us Baghdad will not fall, circumstances make that assumption suspect. We know the Iraqi army isn't up to snuff.  We know more and more suicide bombings are occurring within the green zone and we know that the surrounding towns have had their water supply shut off. They will fall like dominoes. All IS has to do is wait.  Keep nibbling around the edges.

The coalition which was such a triumph a few weeks ago seems to have disappeared. Is anyone other than the President calling the shots in this conflict?

If we weren't going to fight this war to win it we should have stayed out of it.  Sorry aid workers and journalists.  You go into dangerous territory at your own risk. Some will tell us IS is not a risk to our national security because they have neither the weaponry nor the means to get to our shores.  Perhaps they don't if you're looking at them sending an army.

But if you look at our porous border, and our malcontents they are very much a threat.  It is obvious whoever is leading their strategic planning knows what they're doing.  I wonder where they were trained.  Because of that I don't believe for one minute that somewhere within their ranks plans for doing serious damage to the U.S. are not in the works.  No matter whether or not we hear chatter.

What is equally as troublesome is the political process that is buzzing around us.  Business as usual.  Dirty campaigns.  Republicans still without a message and a President more intent on reaping the praises of a Gwyneth Paltrow than working with his generals on how to defeat this enemy.

It seems as if to him it's a game he didn't want to play and is now bored by it.  It's not going his way and nobody else wants to play by his rules. So he walks away from it leaving those we promised to help hanging.

I'm very sad at what we've allowed ourselves to become.  Disinterested, disrespected and inept. Whats even more sad is I see no way for matters to change for at least two more years.  By then who knows what will be left. If anything.  Anywhere.

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Betty said...

It's time for Iraq to start fighting its own war, instead of expecting the U.S. to pull their fat out of the fire. After all, we spent a lot of time and money trying to train them to take care of themselves, and they turn tail and run every time they are threatened. This is just an extension of the same war that Bush/Cheney got us into and we need to realize that Obama is the one to promised to pull our troops out of there, and he did it. Congress has done nothing to help the situation. They are the ones we should be blaming.