Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Why Is Turkey Playing Chicken?

I have to take back everything positive I said about Turkey a few posts ago.  And wonder why they're playing chicken with us with the very existence of Kobani at stake.

Is there no human decency left in the world?  Come on people, sort out your territorial issues later.  The peril of leaving IS run amok is far worse than who has possession of a piece of land - the Turks or the Kurds!

After all, Kobani is within spitting distance of the Turkish border.  They even have tanks at the ready yet they insist on playing political games.  If they send in ground troops so must we.  True.  I  don't disagree with that but they are there, we aren't and the city is hanging on by its fingernails!

They want a no fly zone.  We won't order it up. Heck we won't even order up enough air strikes to dissuade IS as they keep moving that black flag ever closer to the center of Kobani.  Turkey understands the risk yet they're willing to risk an increased IS presence because they worry about the Kurds, at some time, going back to demanding their own country.  Well, there may be nothing for any of them to claim if they don't quit playing games.

They also need to realize and accept that the U.S. effort is being micro managed by an abysmally unqualified individual and that isn't going to change for at least two years.

Biden was right even if unpolitical in saying our allies are a large part of the problem, including Turkey. They may not be letting people cross into Syria at the moment to join IS but they're doing a far cry less in keeping IS away from their border.  Never mind the human cost paid by thousands of people who want no part of this mess.

We're stuck with Obama for two more years.  The world doesn't have to be.  It's time for them to put aside their own petty interests and collate among themselves to get the job done.

If for no other reason than it's the decent and humane thing to do.  Don't follow in our footsteps.  To do so is to fall prey to the most inhumane enemy the world has faced in decades. Perhaps we can't do better.  I have higher hopes for the rest of the world.

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