Sunday, December 21, 2014

Reap What You Sow

"What do we want? Dead cops.  When do we want it? Now!" Free speech or shouting fire in a theater?  According to the racist adviser to the White House it's free speech.  To anyone with an ounce of sense looking at the current climate it's akin to crying fire in a theater.

I hope all the race baiters are happy that two NYPD officers lie dead.  Now, right before Christmas a boy is without his father and a bride without her groom.  Thank you Mr. Mayor and Mr. Sharpton and all those with whom you are complicit.

Now Mr. Sharpton is asking the Feds for protection because he has received death threats.  I can't imagine why. Okay, how 'bout we protect him behind bars where he belongs for a multitude of sins including non-payment of taxes which have been ignored.  Yet he struts around anointing himself as spokesperson for justice for blacks.

What would I like to see?  When the two officers are laid to rest I'd like to see hundreds of thousands of people lining the streets of New York in support of their police and every other police department in the nation. I'd like to see it led by blacks chanting "Police lives are important!" Or maybe  "What do we want? Respect for our police.  When do we want it? Now!"

It's about time we start enunciating the facts of daily life.  Police are the thin blue line between safety and chaos.  The higher the crime area the greater their presence and the greater the danger to their lives. If those who are committing the crimes are black then they are the ones who will be apprehended and punished or if they resist they are likely to be shot.  And killed. The same applies to everyone, no matter their race.

Instead of lionizing a man who was killed while police were trying to arrest him for a crime he had a habit of committing or a teen who thought attacking an officer and trying to get his weapon let's look at the facts of the case.  Yes, it's tragic when someone loses their life but lets put the blame where it belongs.  On the one committing the crime.

Of course black lives are important.  So is mine and so is yours and so, especially, are the lives of those who have taken an oath to do what is necessary for us to be able live those lives in peace and without fear.

I don't fear the police.  I fear the likes of Al Sharpton, Bill di Blasio and those in the administration who feel it necessary to propagate fear and division in order to justify their being. I have trouble getting my arms around the idea that their lives, too, are important.  Perhaps they are as a lesson as to how not to live my own.

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Word Tosser said...

As I said on my facebook page.. where are the protesters for these men? Where are the nationwide.. big cities after cities of protesters for them? NOTHING.. why?..maybe because there are cooler heads, common sense people? What New Yorkers should do is line the sidewalks from the funeral home to the cemetery in silents.. of respect.. show that you don't burn and riot.. MLK must be proud of those in Ferguson Mo. all those years he showed them non violent and they wreck it in a day