Sunday, January 04, 2015


SONY has been hacked.  A lot of what had been assumed as private information was suddenly public.  Who was to blame?  The FBI tells us it was North Korea.  I have my doubts.

Maybe they had a hand in it but somehow I doubt they evey knew  the movie spoof about doing in their "Young One" was being made.  No, I think some insiders had a hand in it.  But no.  The FBI says it was North Korea.  After all they have information the rest of us don't.  Like where the perps of Benghazai hang out.

The President assured us he would retaliate appropriately.  We've placed some more sanctions on them.  They don't have anything anyway so I don't see that they'll have any impact. But such is the way our government does business these days.

Now, if you really want to let someone know we can't be bullied by some two bit caricature, why don't we start with Al Sharpton?  The same Al Sharpton who sits with the Mayor of New York and the President of the United States on one hand and on the other  extorts large cash contributions from corporations to keep him and his National Action Network from accusing them of racism. Companies like Macy's, Honda and AT&T.

Also those organizations who demand politicians sign a pledge to favor their cause or a candidate will be run against them. Or the office holders who are in positions of power who won't allow legislation to come to a vote because it's not what the man wants.

They are all bullies.  Their behavior is despicable.  If anyone takes a pledge to do anything, let it be to give the likes of these no sway.  I wonder if we even recognize that we're being held hostage to these people and their special interests.  It's part of what's wrong with government because it starts at the local level and embeds itself forever after. That's what lobbiests do.  That's what political action groups do.  Those who cater to them get ahead, those who don't don't.

Perhaps it's time we get behind those who have the guts "to just say no". When you look at the players you see it isn't at all racist.  Sure, Sharpton, the President and Holder are black but Kim Jong Un isn't. The House and Senate leadership is lily white.  So are the Christian Conservatives who demand their pound of flesh.

It goes to show that unsavory behavior has nothing to do with race.  It has to do with character. Just because a person is a caricature doesn't mean he has character.  At least not a good one.

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