Friday, February 06, 2015

A Mistake By ISIS?

ISIS bid to intimidate Jordan into backing out of the coalition, such as it is, has failed.  At least for the time being.  So now they are trying to pin a guilt trip on them by claiming their increased bombing raids has killed the last American hostage - a 26 year old female aid worker from Prescott, AZ.

We shouldn't fall into that trap.  While it may be true, I wouldn't bet on it.  I suspect she have been long dead just as was the Jordanian pilot and I tremble at the thought of what she may have suffered before and during.

My guess is they used this not only to further intimidate the Jordanians, create outrage against Jordon from us but also to hide the fact she was already dead before a situation occurred where they'd have to show proof she was still alive.

Some degree of truth will seep out as the story is clarified; maybe we'll ask for proof of death.  If she was, however, killed by a missile strike then consider her fortunate.  It was probably quick with minimal suffering.  We can hope that was the case.

War is Hell. This enemy is the most evil of evils in modern times.  Look at the civilians that have already perished and how.  There will be more.  Too many more. As I hope this young lady has now  been exempted from further suffering, I'd like to think it was a just cause that caused it.  The beginning, real beginning, of the annihilation of ISIS.

As I understand why the Muslims like the King of Jordan cringe at the use of the word Islam in the description of these monsters, it is still Islam they have prostituted and they are with no apologies extremists and terrorists. Let's worry less about semantics and more about destroying this that is so evil.

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Word Tosser said...

My thoughts always have been, since I found out there was suppose to be female USA prisoner.. that she was dead.. Don't you think they would have had her front and center out there in front of the cameras? Not because she meant anything to them.. women aren't..their dogs are more important than a woman.. But they sure could have raised the voices of the USA citizens with Obama.. if she was alive and shown.. No, I think she has been dead a long time.. if not found by them.. dead..