Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Pure Evil

It's a shame it took the horrendous death of a young pilot to rally Muslims against the evil that lurks among them.  One can hope his death was not in vain.  It has changed the dynamic and maybe, just maybe, the fight against ISIS has a new leader.

The King of Jordan is one of the good guys just as was his father before him.  He has problems though what with the number of Palestinian refugees in his country and unrest fomented by the Muslim Brotherhood.

That being said, however, if the French, British and Canadians will rally their support behind him with the weaponry needed he can put a world of hurt on ISIS.  Why those three?  They have had the most prominent brushes with ISIS in their own countries and therefore have a huge stake in the game.
He should also have as boots on the ground allies the fierce Kurds who have shown their mettle in the fight for Kobani.

I don't for a minute think the Jordanian response is going to dissuade ISIS; I think it will rally them to even more horrendous deeds. Even if it's false bravado it's just as deadly. Therein lies a problem for us in case the President thinks he'll get a pass now that the Jordanians are madder than hell.

ISIS holds a 26 year old female American aid worker.  She could be next. If ISIS wants to take their shock level yet another step higher, she will be.

We're told by the White House press secretary that the President is using every resource available to locate her. I hope this is true but the President has said  many times before he'd take action than never has.  I'd not bet he will now.

So what fate could await this young woman? My husband suggested they might do as they do with many of their women - stone her to death.

What would the President do then? What would we demand?  And should he or we wait for such a despicable action to take place before upping our own ante in this fight?

Actions speak louder than words.  Right now I'm hearing the Jordanians and Kurds loud and clear while the "leader" of the free world,  rhetorically speaking, is no where to be seen.

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