Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Another Notch In The ISIS Belt

Just when you think ISIS atrocities can't get any worse, they do.  The burning alive of the captured Jordanian pilot is perversion off the scale.

This is a tough way to get the middle eastern countries to pick up arms and finally, hopefully, put boots on the ground against these perverts.  It's time for them to understand it's no longer one branch of Islam against another but rather Islam itself against the worst perversion imaginable of their religion. After all, the Kurds have.  They can sort out their own politics later.  Its time to destroy this consummate evil.

It's time to quit worrying about Muslims being offended by our alleged lumping of them all together.  I don't believe the majority of moderate Muslims believe that we do but those who do must understand it's because they haven't been willing to call out those who foment terror within their own ranks. A few have but no where nearly enough to be heard with any impact.

We too need a strategy.  We won't lead because our commander-in-chief doesn't have the capability nor the will.  Others will have to take up the mantle of leadership but we must understand those smaller countries with less sophisticated and far fewer military capabilities need more from us than unkept promises. When we promise them arms and munitions they deserve more than meals ready to eat - if that.

If our strategy is to supply support and let those in the neighborhood fight it out then we owe them that support without ridiculous delays or outright neglect.  If we don't it will surely hit our shores sooner rather than later.  Remember ISIS has other western prisoners including an American woman.  Will it take her suffering the same fate as the young pilot to get our government to honor it's promises?  I desperately hope not.

Remember too it is seeping through the cracks in Europe and right next door in Canada. There is no chance that our President is going to change his world view just as he won't recognize the short comings of his domestic view.  We can however support those who are trying to fight the fight without the strong hand of America guiding them by listening to what Prime Minister Netanyahu has to say about the consequences of a nuclear Iran because as surely I write this the fight will filter down to being between Iran and ISIS, winner take all.

The meek shall not inherit the earth - or what's left of it.

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Word Tosser said...

I understand what you are saying and agree.. but I have to wonder...why isn't any other country outraged at this group.. they like us talk great talk, but no one.. Saudi or anyone.. is doing anything.. we aren't the only ones