Monday, February 16, 2015

The World Waits And Watches

Not a day goes by any more without word of new atrocities enacted by ISIS.  The Jordanians stepped it up when one of their pilots was burned alive.  The Egyptians are now stepping it up since the mass beheading of 21 of its Christian citizens yet it isn't enough to dissuade the ever growing ranks of the terrorists.

The truce in Ukraine has already been broken. A dirty little war being allowed because it's not ours. Forget treaties and obligations and broken promises.

People are being slaughtered throughout the world in the most heinous of ways yet for the most part every one is watching and waiting.  Why?  Mostly politics.  And if anything could give politics a bad name I should think this would be it.

The ability to understand has long ago passed me by.  How any country or its leadership can sit back and watch what's happening and pass on acting is beyond me.  Don't tell me it's because we're war weary that the President won't authorize boots on the ground.  I cannot believe the American people are willing to let this massacre continue because no one wants boots on the ground.  If it's true I really can't get my head around it.

More likely it's political.  Our President has chosen to give the barbarians a pass.  Others follow suit because they don't know how to take the lead.  Since we've always taken it before I think we have a moral obligation to humanity to take it now.  But we won't.

Other efforts will be marginal because we aren't there. I think we're guilty of crimes against humanity just as much as the Russian aggressors and the Islamic extremists.  We're doing nothing even though we have the ability to wipe them off the face of the earth.  Those in the region should help.  Yes. But they have neither the man power nor the expertise to do it themselves. They look to us and we aren't there.  So everyone sits and waits.

What atrocity will hit the headlines next?  The group of Kurds who have been captured and are being kept in cages like the Jordanian pilot? Will they be burned to death as threatened?  Would that be enough?  Or will we sit and wait for even worse though what could be worse is beyond my imagination.

It is not a proud moment in the history of the world.  It is not a proud moment for America for we offer no leadership.  Even worse, we have none to offer.  What a sad state of affairs.

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