Monday, February 09, 2015

Obama Won't Arm Anyone

Obama won't arm anyone.  At least not in a meaningful manner.  So those in need might just as well stop asking.

In order to help the Ukraine Obama must be assured that the arms wouldn't fall into the wrong hands.  Excuse me? Only if the pro Russian rebels are victorious.

There are several things that really irritate.  Surprised?  Yeah, right. One is how the west seems to so enjoy playing God with other peoples lives. Maybe he will, maybe he won't, he'll have to study the situation and he wouldn't want to do anything to escalate the problem.  Who cares if Putin's mad? He doesn't have half the army he'd like us to think and his economy is in a shambles but he'll put every last resource he has into taking Ukraine back and we and the west should not allow that to happen.

Heck, the Ukrainians aren't asking us to fight their war; they just want the field leveled.  Just give them the weapons.  If he doesn't Putin will take all of Ukraine and move on to the next Balkan State.  Basically what the west and the U.S. are doing is telling the Balkans they don't count.  Keeping Putin pacified is all that counts.

Oh, negotiations haven't run their course.  And they won't.  We were lectured when he tried to normalize relations with Cuba that what was tried before hasn't worked.  It's time for something new.

Well, why doesn't the same hold true here?  Try something new.  Quit negotiating for no end.  Iran keeps plugging away on its nuclear program as the negotiations continue to stall.  Putin's forces continue their march deeper into Ukraine while German and France try in vain to negotiate peace.  Israel and the Palestinians are still at odds after how many years of U.S. led negotiations.  Try something else!

We don't have to put combat troops into these places but we have resources that would help the fight yet the President refuses to act on any level. It has become an embarrassment and is actually painful to witness.

All the fancy rhetoric in the world will not change the world. As unsavory as it is, it is what it is.  Unfortunately so is the President.

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