Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I watched Marco Rubio's announcement yesterday and found it to be somewhat more inspiring that Hillary Clinton's on Sunday.  He at least said something.

I noticed two things about him, other than he's a bit hyper when speaking. He didn't get into social issues and he seemed to know his subject matter.

It's said his youthful looks will be a deterrent.  They shouldn't be any more than Hillary's looks should be when she needs a botox fix. What matters is the candidates view of the issues and even what those issues are. Rubio seemed on track with my views.

You know what I really liked?  He has a sense of sincerity about him that seems authentic.  When he talks of his modest upbringing and the tremendous opportunities he's had in his life he sounds somewhat awed that what he's been able to achieve is really true.  Rather like Jordan Spieth getting used to having won the Masters on Sunday at the tender age of 21.  Was he too young to win?  Were his clean cut good looks a detriment to him?

Of course not.  He worked hard to develop the skills and the nerves of steel to accomplish the feat.  Why not the same for Marco Rubio?

It's said we've tried a one term Senator before and look how that's turned out. I don't think it's the time as Senator that matters nearly as much as what he's done before and how well.  Has he done his homework?  Does he understand the gravity of what the country is facing?  Does he have solutions?

He was truthful in saying not much is going to change until Obama is out of office. He repeated it time and again and I hope those listening understand just that. What will change after that depends on who we put into office.

Watching the candidates at their kickoffs is fun.  Everyone is hyped. Everything is rosy and they have the world at their feet.  It will for most of them be the best day of their campaigns.

I look forward to watching all of them as they take this step. Do they actually start off saying something of substance or is it all political puffery.  I want to watch them, listen to them, hear the inflection in their voices.  I like campaigning the old fashioned way.

I don't give a tweet about having social media fill the gaps on You Tube or Facebook. I want the candidates to flesh out themselves. After all I'll be voting for flesh and blood, not a 140 word sound bite.

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Betty said...

Rubio is the Tea Party's candidate, or one of them. That alone would keep me for voting for him, if I were crazy enough to vote as a Republican. lol