Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hanging Out To Dry

Every time I've read the headlines over the past several weeks, I've left so saddened that I haven't been able to put it to post.

I'm well aware the country is undergoing great change.  It happens when you're a couple of generations beyond the current one.  Some of the change is good.  Too much, from my perspective, is not.

I'm ambivalent about gay marriage and really gays in general until they want one protection too many and it hurts those who have a right to their own staunch beliefs.

I used to be ambivalent about pot.  I had no problem with it being used for medicinal purposes but this push for national legalization worries me.  Just look at some the pot heads being interviewed by the media.  Do we really want them to become the norm?

Right to life is a tough one.  I believe there are good reasons for abortions as well as too many using it to end a mistake.  It needs to be more than all or nothing. And it is the law of the land.  Since the law hasn't been changed your Congress hasn't gotten your message.  Could not enough be sending said message? It should not be a litmus test for politicians for that reason alone.  It is the law.

War.  I've made no bones about the fact I hate it.  Yet at times it's necessary.  It is now with the entire middle east and more going up in flames. This brings me to what troubles me most and I don't think it has a thing to do with my generation.

I never in my life thought I'd see one man completely change the wonder that is America to being something totally disrespected by the world. Without the complicity of the people. A man who has stretched the rules to the breaking point and beyond for a vision he himself harbors with the aid of underlings who feel their momentary hold on power is worth it. I haven't lost respect for our country but I certainly have for our President and his administration.  Congress doesn't get off either. They are too busy dithering about their own self interests to have any inclination of reining him in.

That brings me to wonder, with all that's happening, how a woman like Hillary Clinton can muster so much loyalty.  It certainly must be blind loyalty because if those supporters could see they'd see she is not Presidential material. It's not about her experience though I don't think her tenure in any pursuit was enough to give her bona fides. It's about her character and that of those with whom she'd surround herself.

Should she be elected I fear we would see an administration far more corrupt and incompetent than this one if that's possible.  In the Clinton's lust for power and money it is the country that will pay the price.

Could the country stand four or eight more years of such dysfunction? Of course it would survive, but as what? Now it is generational.  It wouldn't even remotely resemble the country in which I grew up and cherished for the better part of my life.  The last decade has altered it completely.  And yes.  It began with George W. Bush and the very bad advice he chose to follow.

I wish sad covered it.  Try discouraged, dismayed and distraught.

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