Friday, May 29, 2015

We NEED Our Police

As I was browsing clip art for this post I came across the banner to the left.  I think it's a great idea and if there is a police officer out there who would like some senior citizen support, let me know.  By that I mean support from those of us who grew up wanting to be a policeman because we admired them and respected them.

As we got older we came to realize being s policeman was more than an exciting job and a cool uniform.  It meant being tough when it was called for and putting oneself in danger when it was called for.  Still many wanted the career and thank heaven for that!

In scanning headlines this morning I see the murder rate in New York City is up 15%, Baltimore continues to get bloodier, shootings involving children are up 500% and a Washington D.C. reporter was shot dead after being used as a human shield.

Don't ask where are the police.  They aren't wanted. After all they're filled with bigotry and racism and just add to the problem.  I think not.  

There is so much discussion about why there is so much discontent and violence and what can be done to change it.  Strengthen the family unit.  Better education for the kids so they will have opportunities other than crime.  That's wonderful.

In the meantime we need our police.  Yes, they sometimes make bad calls and sometimes, as in any large population, there are some bad eggs but by and large that is not  the norm. Yes, they are hardened and sometimes seem to be less than sensitive.  Well, put yourself in their shoes and deal with what police in cities like New York and Baltimore and even Ferguson have to deal with day in and day out. See how warm and fuzzy you are after a week.

I think about the police officer here in Coeur d'Alene who lost his life in the middle of the night during a traffic stop.  Does it matter what the race of the shooter was?  No. What would have happened in that neighborhood at that time of night if the officer had not stopped the man or had not been there at all?  Some type of crime you can be sure.  No one prowls neighborhoods late at night just to admire the lawns and gardens.  More likely they're checking out easy access, lack of barking dogs and maybe a pile of uncollected newspapers. As it was the officer was there and was killed for his effort, for doing his job. It could have been anyone in that neighborhood who awakened to a noise and went to investigate.  

Let the police get back to work so little kids aren't afraid to walk to school.  The ones who should fear indictment are the corrupt or inept officials that put unreasonable constraints on them. Or the Justice Department who deems itself the ultimate poo bah in how cities should run their departments.  How many have ever served?  How many realize the risks and the anxiety that comes with the territory? How many know the hard edge of of fear when confronted, or the sense of futility when they are called out time and time again?  We not to understand where the police are coming from, not the perpetrators of mayhem who are the first to cry foul.

Adopt a cop.  I like it.  Not a bad movement to see started!

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