Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hillary Has Spoken

For some time now we've been waiting not only for Hillary to speak but to also say something.  Now she has.

There had been a question as to where she would fall when it comes to Obama's policies.  She approves.  She has promised to double down and add on.

I so often remember Obama saying, for instance about our embargo on Cuba, it hasn't worked so it's time to try something new.  I wish Hillary would recognize the same about our economic woes but she proposes more taxes and more regulations and then it will work. Never mind that we'll all have been taxed into the poor house. And, by the way, those policies still won't work.

That creates another problem she has yet to address.  What happens when the people are in fact taxed into the poor house?  How are all those policies and regulations going to be paid for?  I hear Iran is about to come into some really big money.  Maybe, since China's economy is also faltering, we can get the Iranians to fund us. Or maybe not since they have vowed to destroy us.  Oh well, maybe they'll change their minds.  Why destroy what they will own?

So that's where Hillary is.  The Elizabeth Warren/Bernie Sanders left.  And it is said this is the real Hillary.  Is there a counter balance?  I had hoped it would be Jim Webb but he has turned out to be less than inspiring.

The Republicans?  Have any of them said anything yet other than Trump?  Not that he has made any comprehensive policy statements but at least is is saying what a lot of us think and won't say because it's politically incorrect.

If they don't quit pussy footing around in order not to offend we're sure to have a Hillary presidency.  All her baggage will be forgiven.  Heck it already has been.  As has Bill's.  When you think about it, about the only one who at this point can out talk her is a Donald Trump. Lordy.  What has this country come to?

Remember though, a few years back Minnesota elected a one time professional wrestler for governor.  Jesse Ventura.  Remember him? Stranger things could happen than having Trump as the Republican nominee.  He could win.

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