Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I really have to rethink my blog and where to take it, if anywhere.

I'm at a low point in looking at our government and the media, both of which control our lives.

Obama has his deal with Iran.  It is delusional at best and doesn't bode well for anyone in the region.  Sure he talks a good tale but he capitulated on so much of the basic premise of the agreement it has become a joke and not a very funny one.

He has never learned from the past nor done a realistic assessment of the present.  He should remember, even though he is so bright and his theories so right, the rest of we peons, including the rest of the world, aren't up to speed with him.  There are many, however, who are far more clever.

As for the media I'm going to call out FOX and their debate plans.  Only the top 10 in a national poll will  be included. They will not include those with less name recognition, and at this point that's all it is, but far more ability.  What are they thinking? They aren't. I still think if they are going to limit the field they need to hold a second debate that will include the remaining candidates.  I'm willing to wager if they would do that they'll see a titanic shift in poll numbers on their vaunted national scale.

Am I going to continue watching this unfold?  Probably.  Will I continue to write my opinions?  I honestly don't know.  I'm so disgusted with the entire government all I do is spout venom.  Why bother?

The Supreme Court rules on their assumption of intent, not actuality. Therefore they're useless. Congressional leadership is beholden to campaign contributors, not the people, and the President lives in another universe altogether.

It's exhausting trying to stay upbeat and hopeful. So we'll see.  We'll see.

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Betty said...

I stopped writing my blog long ago, for the same reasons you are talking about. Now, I read an comment on other people's blogs. I might start up again at some point, so I'm keeping my options open. But, I just got disgusted, too. Maybe if you took a break, you could come back with some fresh ideas.