Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Republican Woe

Tomorrow the House Republicans will choose their new leader.  It seems likely to be Kevin McCarthy who has shown little sign of having the ability to make wise decisions.

I listened to House members being interviewed yesterday and not one said he/she would NOT vote for McCarthy even though he does have some competition. Gutless wonders that they are.

If McCarthy had any trait other than blind ambition I might feel better, but after his Benghazi gaffe and the ammunition it gave Democrats he should have taken himself out of the race for Speaker.  People with blind ambition, however, don't make such gestures.

What really worries me is that every step up they give the Democrats the more likely it is we'll have another troika.  House, Senate and Administration all Democrat.  That's fine if you want an even further left leaning country than we have now.  I, obviously, don't.  I think we need, all of us, to admit that the progressive agenda hasn't worked all that well over the past 7 plus years.  To continue on with hope it will get better seems to me to be fool hardy.  But then both the Democrats and Republicans will have to understand compromise is how our government is supposed to function.  I don't see that on the horizon either.

Also worrisome is the lack of a credible front runner on the Republican side. While Trump may make us feel good and says what a lot of us say within the confines of our own homes, I doubt he has the temperament to be an effective President.

I like Ben Carson as a man.  He's incredible.  But he's beginning to make statements I question.  I still like Carly, warts and all but the opposition will grow those warts. As for the politicians running, that none have been able to break through the Trump glitter is troubling.  Obviously their messages aren't  resonating for one and two, the people don't want to hear them anyway.  They're politicians.

We have to get a bit smarter here. We have to take the blinders off and look at the entire world when it comes to choosing our next leader.  It's a mess in large part due to the past two administrations' policies.  In order to fix it and regain our stature we must choose wisely.

Tomorrow will tell us how many Republicans understand this even if it's not the Presidency, merely the Speaker of the House.  But remember he will be second behind the Vice President to serve if needed.

Many of the candidates worry me. Kevin McCarthy shouldn't even be fielded.

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Word Tosser said...

I agree with you.. totally... you know it is scary when Trump starts to look good ... lol.. I think the Republicans will eat their young as they head to the convention.. We might have a half chance of voting for who we want..but we only get to vote between whom they send up there for us to decide.. We are stuck with THEIR choices. As thin as they are.