Monday, October 05, 2015

The "Full Measure" Of Women

I have a tough time finding news sources I  trust whats more respect.  It's probably because I don't read much on line but prefer actual newspapers or broadcasts which certainly have limitations.

That being said, I bit the bullet yesterday and watched the e-cast of "Full Measure" anchored by Sharyl Attkisson. What a good decision.

I was transported back to the time when a news broadcast actually did a story rather than merely a series of soundbites. I hope this isn't a kiss of death for the endeavor.  I'm sure my demographic isn't the one they seek but then we elders really shouldn't be discounted because we do tend to pay attention. And learn. And vote. The advertisers can figure it out.

Aside from the substance of her reporting, I must say I really admire Sharyl Attkisson.  For much the same reason I really like Carly Fiorina.  Though it may be merely superficial, it's their appearance and demeanor.  Both are the personification of professionalism.  No emphasis on cleavage, legs or impossibly high heels.

I often look at the women who scream the loudest about women rights and wonder if they ever look in the mirror. This is, of course, a generational thing instilled in mine at an early age.  We were taught by ladies to be ladies.  Somewhere along the line it seems to have gone out of style or just plain gotten lost.

Then again, many things are cyclical and I can hope the standards of professionalism are coming full circle.  I see it in Ms. Fiorina.  I see it in Ms. Attkisson.  Somehow when it shows that they care for how they appear in public and how they speak, it gives the impression they care about what they're doing and want us to care too.

That one of the better news programs I've seen of late and one of the more impressive presidential candidates is such a woman gives me confidence that the "glass ceiling" will be broken, the shards swept up, thrown away never again to see the light of day.

Both have had their struggles professionally.  Neither has succumbed to pressures exerted against them. They continue with grace and dignity; their success determined by  both ability and perseverance. I admire both.

I welcome the return of professionalism, class, a darn good investigative reporter and a candidate I can't yet count out.  Both women. Their roar is their substance and ability, not merely the sound of their voice nor their sense of entitlement.

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