Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Biting The Hand That Feeds You

I was  listening to Lou Dobbs last evening during which time he was castigating Trump for his name calling and vagaries.  Today I see Trump isn't going to appear on FOX programs- at least for awhile. They aren't treating him nicely.

Wow.  FOX made this man! I fear the Trump and pony show is getting old.  Really old.  Yes, he has been a great cheer leader but he still hasn't come out with specifics on how he plans to fulfill his promises.

Can you imagine him going after world leaders in the same vein? Putin is really stupid.  Really Stupid.  Angela Merkel.  Look at that face.  Who would listen to her? Netanyahu. He isn't very nice to me so I won't talk to him. Sheesh!

Scott Walker had the good grace to bow out of the race when it became readily apparent he couldn't win. Good grace isn't Trump's long suit but maybe if enough people aren't nice to him or about him he'll have one final snit and bow out.

He could still be of great service.  He could get behind the actual candidate and tell everyone how great he/she is and all the wonderful things he/she will do.  Continue being cheerleader-in-chief on making the country great again.  Of course that means who ever the candidate is will have to have said nothing negative about The Donald.  Unfortunately that eliminates most of them!

There could be a consolation prize waiting in the wings for Trump, however, if he plays his cards right.  He could go back to doing what he does best - building things.  Give him a contract and have him build the wall.  He can tell us how great it will be, how easy it will be and give him all the face time he could possible want.

Building the greatest wall the world has ever seen and bowing out of the race are possibly the two greatest contributions to the country the man could make!  Maybe a lot of people, including FOX, would be nice to him again to boot!

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Word Tosser said...

I don't know. an endorsement from Trump could be the kiss of death as well