Saturday, November 14, 2015

Comfort Of Sorts

We've been away again, avoiding all the political news as best we could.  TVs in breakfast rooms and USA Today headlines always seem to catch your eye however.

I really tuned out after hearing about Trump's rampage about Ben Carson.  No, Mr. Trump.  The people of Iowa aren't stupid and neither am I.  I'm sick and tired of you calling everyone who disagrees with you or thinks you have a temperament problem stupid.

This morning I read Trump's poll numbers have surged to 42%.  Unfortunately I understand why.  It's why he's been leading all along.  He says what he thinks no matter how outrageous and somehow his exuberance is infectious.

So it will be in his outrage over what has happened in Paris and what he would do about it.  You get the feeling he actually will carry out what ever his threats may be no matter if they are prudent or not.  Does it matter?  Pussy footing around these terrorists because someone may be offended has got to stop.  Our leaders seem inclined to expect everyone else to make it happen.  Everyone else expects the U.S. to grab the monster by the horns and lead the way.

Which of the candidates is most convincing in righteous outrage? Why of course, it's Trump.  Perception in this case outweighs prudence.  Maybe it's what is needed.

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