Sunday, November 15, 2015

Here's To French Resolve

I'm taking French President Hollande at his word when he states the response to the terrorist attacks will be merciless.  I hope he takes it further than the Jordanians did after one of their young pilots was burned alive.  A few air strikes and gone.

Perhaps the difference will be the fact France is not a Muslim country.  Jordan is.

More importantly, someone needs to take the lead in the fight against Islamic radicalism and it sure isn't going to be us. Who better than the French since they've been on the receiving end of terror strikes twice within this calendar year!

What gives me great pause is wondering what would be happening if those attacks had happened here.  I think a lot of breast beating and woe is us for a few news cycles until the furor died down then as is usual with this administration - nothing.

Whatever we've become as a nation will be revealed in no uncertain terms come next November.  Have we really become a "selfie" nation that care more about our personal wants than the good of the nation as a whole?  Have we really come to believe a group of students on college campuses who are still wet behind the ears know better than adults who have lived life and seen the world?

Have we really come to believe that the government is the end all and that no matter how burdensome taxes may be we will get it all back in the form of entitlements?

Have we really come to believe that a Donald Trump will do us proud over a Ben Carson who is belittled because he's a gentleman and a gentle man?  Or that the conviction of a Ted Cruz or or Marco Rubio is offensive?  Why?  Because they seem, at least, to love their country and have ideas on how to put it back on track.

Are we so blase about the abilities of women we're willing to lionize a Hillary Clinton with all her baggage yet won't even offer Carly Fiorina a bowl of milk because she's a Republican?

I hope we have a year to sort it out.  But as France has found out, there are no guarantees no matter the effort.  Those running for office, I am sure, are listening to what former diplomats, military personnel and students of the history of those who oppose us have to say.  The Democrats are not but surely most of the Republicans are.  I hope so; not only listening but actually hearing.

What remains to be seen is if the candidates who would love to lead us not only state their convictions,  it's politically expedient, but also have the courage of them.

In the meantime we must look to France and the allies it can pull together to keep us safe. If anything is un-American it's cowering behind others.  It's time to admit there is no such thing as leading from behind and remedy it.

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