Monday, November 16, 2015

Are We Finally Waking Up?

With the likes of CBS's Jake Tapper and the Sentate's Diane Feinstein challenging what the President has to say about our ISIS strategy and governors are putting their collective foot down and saying no to taking in Syrian refugees I'm given a modicum of hope.

Today in Turkey the President held firm his stance that there will be no change in our strategy.  Well,  that's easy to believe since there isn't one.  Unless you consider doing the least amount possible a strategy.

Slowly but surely the pro President press and Democrats are beginning to hedge their bets.  They are beginning to see that the Presidential rhetoric is false and that the truth of the situation with Islamic terrorists has once again shown itself in Paris.  Before that the Russian air bus, before that in Lebanon.  Should it happen again here they would all be culpable.

Nine eleven was 14 years ago.  If you believe what goes 'round comes 'round it is only a matter of time until the cells in this country put whatever they're planning into action.  And remember there are groups being watched in all 50 states.

The President would have us believe he listens to his generals.  The generals tell us he doesn't read the intelligence reports made available to him.  I believe the generals.

We've put up with Presidential arrogance for quite awhile now and shrug it off because there is little we can do especially since the Congress seems not to have the ability nor the will to intervene.  The time has now come for that arrogance to be called out.  No one man knows better than the rest of the world combined.  When the vast majority of leaders, scholars and the military are in disagreement with the choices the President makes we need beware.

It was Paris on Friday.  Someone will be next sooner rather than later.  Will it be us? You?  Me?  We deserve more from those we've chosen to lead this country and so does the rest of the world which has always looked to America for leadership and now finds no more than betrayal, false promises and desertion.

What have we done?

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