Monday, December 14, 2015

Trump Card

Is the glow beginning to fade from Donald Trump?  He's beginning to  lose his edge in the polls - finally.

Hopefully those  polled are beginning to realize that even though he says what he thinks and it complies with what a lot of us think, his manner is not what we need.

I don't mind a squeaky wheel to get attention, but if the attention doesn't lubricate the squeak than something else is needed.  In this case another candidate who speaks to the issues without insulting everyone in the world around them.

But who?  My candidate has faded and I don't expect to see a re-emergence.  I still think Carly would be dynamite but I can lose gracefully.  So who else?  Ted Cruz hasn't shown the best judgement while in the Senate. Ben Carson is perhaps not playing to his strength in politics. I'm not convinced Rubio is ready for prime time. So far the rest are also rans.

I think it says a lot about both the media and the candidates that they can't quell Trump.  First the media.  They're liberal by nature and aren't going to get on the Republican band wagon.  Period.

As for the candidates, if they can't put Trump in his place how are they going to deal with belligerent world leaders? You'd think that out of so many running, at least one would be up to the challenge.  But no.  No one.

It's a sorry state in which we find ourselves.  Hillary or a yet to be named Republican. A Republican candidate who swears he is conservative but he's not?  Others who think kindness and joy will do the trick and others yet who really don't get us the way Trump does.

I think a new party is needed.  The Democrats can have the Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren left.  The Republicans can have the far right evangelicals. The Moderates can have the rest of us, the ones who look at both sides and try to figure out what is most likely to work for the benefit of our country.

Trump appeals because he hits the sore spots but he has nothing concrete in the way of solutions.  Only bellicosity and nastiness. I hope that characteristic which in many ways mirrors Hillary won't work for either of them.

We need a President we can be proud of and believe in.  Anyone?

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Word Tosser said...

How about the Pope? Oh, yea.. he isn't a US citizen.. dang... lol but he seems to be the only one of worldly leadership that has used common sense... what happen to common sense .. respect for others, oh, yea.. they killed them a few years ago..