Saturday, November 28, 2015

Islam Vs The Separation Of Church And State

For anyone wanting to dig more deeply into the Syrian refugee controversy and take it a step beyond the political hysteria, reading the following two articles by Ulysses Black is a must.   A deeper issue in the refugee debate: Separation of church and state and part two, Beware the freedom to kill the freedom of religion.

To  complete the exercise and be really well informed you might want to seek out both "The True Believer" and  "The Ordeal of Change" by Eric Hoffer. Though they may be difficult to find and reading them is a bit of a slog, upon reflection you will come to understand motivation and motivators, both good and evil.

With any or preferably all under your belt you will be very well informed as to what the conflict is all about and why it's vital we approach the problem with knowledge rather than emotion.

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