Friday, July 08, 2016

In Defense of Comey - Sort Of

For months now we've been told Jim Comey, head of the FBI, is a real stand up guy and will do the right thing.  So what's the deal.  A few thoughts.

One, we didn't take into consideration the fact he is a Republican in a Democrtic administration.  Two, he knew that justice would not pursue a recommendation to prosecute or even call for a grand jury in the Clinton case.

We also don't known what he may have been threatened with if he went against the grain.  It's sad I'd even think our government might stoop to threats to keep their own employees in line but I do think it.  They extracted a pound of flesh from Mr. Comey. We just don't know how.

This is all assumption now.  That he is a patriot and he choked over his own words to not prosecute.

What he did do, however, is lay out the complete case against Clinton and gave the Republicans the facts they need to drive home the idea she is not suitable for the office of President.  She lied to Congress; Comey agreed.  That's perjury.  Plain and simple. She is a compulsive liar.  She is also protected by the rabidly faithful Democrats of which the Justice Department is a part.

Why, however, Comey chose to fall on his own sword rather than letting Lynch and Justice fall on theirs is beyond me unless there was some sort of coercion. We know various govenment agencies can be ruthless.  The IRS and the EPA are a couple of examples.

We'll probably never know why Clinton wasn't put under oath by the FBI nor why Comey wasn't present during the interview.  Hopefully the State Department's investigation will be enlightening but, again, I doubt it.

Back to my original point.  The facts of the investigation were laid out clearly and succinctly.  If the Republicans and Mr. Trump are smart they'll take them in context and put them to good use. Are they that smart?  They have yet to show it.

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