Friday, July 22, 2016

One Down, One To Go

Much to my surprise I listened to the entirety of Trump's accpetance speech last night. Actually I wanted to hear Ivanka's introduction of her father because I hadn't heard her speak before.

She did a good job. As did her brothers.  Someone said his family is the best thing Trump has going for him and that may be true.  I also don't think we should forget who set them on their current paths.  Trump.  He, along with their mothers, deserves a thumbs up for that.

His speech was barely finished before the media critics started ripping it apart.  I actually thought it was quite good.  He didn't make any glaring errors that I am aware of and as for it being "dark"; well that's how he and many of us see the times we are now living in.

Am I suddenly a Trumpster?  Not quite.  I'm far too cynical to buy into all the accolades that came from personal friends and family.   He is, however, now the official Republican nominee and we have to live with it.

I wish for two things.  That he surrounds himself with the best people  available regardless of party and listens to their advice before acting and two, that the party, no matter how skeptical, work with him in the spirit of defeating Hillary if for nothing else.  There must be some adults in the room somewhere though they've kept pretty well out of the picture up to this point.

Next comes Hillary. I guess I find Trump less objectionable because he's not yet lied to us as blatantly  as has Hillary nor has he thumbed his nose at our national security while reaping profits for a "foundation".

I'll vote.  I'm seriously looking at the Green Party or the Libertarians.  Of course they can't win; it would be no more than a protest vote.  I worry about that too because I do buy in to the theory that every protest vote against Trump is a vote for Hillary.

Not to worry.  There's quite a bit of time between now and November.  Maybe Trump will show he can be "presidential" or confirm that he is nothing more than egotistical jerk. Either way, my vote will not be going to Hillary.  To me our first black President has been a huge disappointment because of his own ego and tin ear.  I expect no more from she who would be our first female president. She has been tarred by scandal her entire public life.  I'd rather someone more deserving have the honor she so covets.

I'll remain in a state of flux for awhile yet.  Trump yea or nay? Hillary.  Nay. That's a definite.

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