Monday, October 31, 2016

Which Is More Scary?

This election cycle is beyond belief.  We have probably the two worst candidates we have ever chosen seemingly intent to self-destruct yet expect us to happily support them in the voting booth.

So really, which is more scary?




Wow.  What a question.  When the mask is removed you find nothing has been hidden!  A week from tomorrow one of these people is going to be our President-elect.  The mind trembles. 

I've long thought Hillary Clinton does not deserve to be President of this country.  Her behavior, her attitudes, her demeanor when off camera show her to be as rude and crude as, indeed, Mr. Trump.  She does surpass him in endangering the nation and getting away with breaking laws for which  many have been jailed for less egregious heights.

Then there is Mr. Trump.  If you listen to him you realize everything he says that makes sense is someone else's words.  His grasp of reality is about like mine. Strong on generalities but weak on details.  At least he hasn't yet been so cavalier with top secret data so as to endanger us.  I worry though given enough time...  Who knows.  

As the last week before election day I'll be anxiously awaiting each Wiki Leaks drop and hints from the FBI as to what they've found in the 165,000 e-mails on Anthony Wiener's computer.

This is all surreal.  Who could possible have written 165, 000 e-mails?

Whatever shakes out, we're in for a rockin' and rollin' four years.  Neither candidate will have a strong Congress behind them.  The two parties will be broken, maybe beyond repair.  I doubt either will be as we of a certain age remember them as we grew up. 

We've interesting times ahead.  We've huge problems to address.  I can't help but wonder if either candidate is up to the task even if it were the best of times for them. 

I do know we can't take another four years like the previous eight where the President has done little more than blithely pass the time. War will intervene.  Terrorism will intervene.  Medical expenses will continue to skyrocket for fewer and fewer services and so on.  It doesn't make for an optimistic outlook.

I wonder if a sugar high from all of tonight's candy will make it easier to bear. Nah.  Not a ghost of a chance.

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Word Tosser said...

actually the last 16 years have been hell.... with the Republicans AND the Democrats being in charge each 8.. with the same Congress... nothing to be proud there.. how many years do we have to go back to find when it wasn't hell.. surely not Mr. Clinton or Bush sr.. not Reagan.. where was the last one that was good? hard to find..