Thursday, January 05, 2017

News - Fair And Balanced?

So says FOX News.  Hardly balanced since FOX leans as far right as all the others lean left.

You have to wonder, though, with anchors moving on.  While the positions being vacated on FOX are being filled with current employees, I wonder what NBC has in mind with the hiring of Megan Kelly and now Greta Van Susteren is going to MSNBC!  If anything, MSNBC is the furthest left of them all.

My question is whether the NBC family is trying to become more balanced or if the long time FOX anchors have no personal political convictions and are at best opportunists.  Especially Ms. Kelly who is no where near worth what they will be paying her.

I don't know any details about Ms. Van Susteren but I doubt either will have any FOX viewers following them.  I really don't.

It would be wonderful if each would bring some balance to their respective channels but I doubt they will.  Those who are faithful followers, just as those of FOX, will watch for a time and if the newcomers don't preach to the choir their ratings will tank and that will be that.

I have two questions.  Does anyone ever return to FOX after having left?  And, unrelated, can CNN really continue to keep Don Lemon after his latest blunder stating he didn't think the beating and torture of a mentally challenged man by a bunch of Chicago thugs was "evil" but pardoned the behavior because of "bad home training".


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