Tuesday, January 03, 2017

They Get It, They Just Don't Want To

The new administration hasn't been sworn in yet.  Rosie O'Donnell tells us we have three weeks to stop Donald Trump.  Not that anyone should care what Rosie O'Donnell says or thinks.  The only reason she gets a mention is her "celebrity" such as it is these days.

But it isn't just Rosie.  It's from the President on down.  He's plotting with fellow Democrats on how to salvage his agenda.  The Democrats have made no secret they are going to fight Trump on everything.

For some reason they won't accept the fact that Trump won and they lost.  Trump's vision for this country is the one the people embraced, not theirs.  They've had eight years to show us how wonderful it is and they have failed miserably.

I'm getting tired of their whining and their obstructionist attitude.  Co-operation isn't in their vocabulary.  I'm getting tired of them telling us, even if tacitly, they know what's best for us and they are going to fight to the last standing man to shove their agenda down our throat even if they aren't in office.

It exhausts me that we've got four years of this arrogant attitude to endure.  Trump may be a huge failure.  Who knows.  But at least give the President elect a chance. I know, I'm preaching to the choir and that's a shame.

One thing I can live with, however, is the knowledge that his picks for his cabinet are not the monsters the left would have us believe.  They are men and women of accomplishment, not paybacks for favors with little experience in or knowledge of the areas they've been asked to oversee.

The more they whine and conspire the more I hope Trump is as successful as he boasts he will be. The Democrats deserve to have their noses rubbed in  that success from the opposition and actually we, who voted for it, deserve the spoils. May Trump triumph!

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