Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Listen To The Godfather!

I'm no fan of Rahm Emmanuel but the Democrats should listen to him when he says 'chill'.  All this posturing and protesting is just making them look silly and sad.  As in pathetic.

Emmanuel has a plan for them to get back into the position of winning if only they will listen.  He admits it is a long term process but the first and foremost precept is to win.  What a concept.First they need to get some decent leadership.  I don't think Mr. Ellison nor Mr. Perez are the best choices but then I'm far more centrist than either. Next they need to find viable candidates to run in Republican districts.  Emmanuel has that scoped out too. The Republicans have already learned how to choose candidates that appeal to the populace and they have also provided them with a vision.  That's why they won.  They had something concrete to vote for that they believed in.  Even if the person leading the charge was so unlikely and imbued with negatives!

Personally I hope they don't listen and continue with their incessant pouting.  It gives the Republicans, as shaky as they are, a leg up. Their albatross is their own President.

Now if Mr. Emmanuel could come up with a plan as good to get the gang violence in his city under control he'd really be riding high.  Maybe you'd even see him on the national ballot at some point.

Nah. He doesn't have the charisma.  But you never know when the most unlikely candidate this last go round came out on top.  Tells you what the voting public thinks of main stream politicians.

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