Friday, June 01, 2018

CBS - Say It Isn't So! Keep Jeff Glor!

So CBS is thinking of dumping Jeff Glor as anchor of the evening news yet they're willing to keep Samantha Bee?  What a perfect example of a skewed set of values.

After a long day of doing whatever has occupied my time, I do like to sit down and catch the news.  I'm not crazy about any of the networks.  Forget cable unless your a glutton for hyper repetition.

I've accepted that network news is liberal centric.  That being said, I've chosen CBS mainly because I find Jeff Glor a pleasant, mild mannered anchor.  I like the fact that a good heart wrencher will actually make his eyes mist.  I think I'd like him.

I don't give NBC much credibility and while Lester Hold is okay,  I can't help but think he's their acclamation of political correctness.  ABC's David Muir is just too frenetic for me when all I want is calm.  I can get my fill of that a bit later on FOX beginning with Hannity.

It's all ratings of course.  After the initial spike in ratings after the oh so boring Scott Pelly moved on, he settled right back down to the same old, same old. With Pelly I wanted to pull the next word out of him.  There's soothing and there was Scott.  Jeff seems to be a nice balance.

Of course the advertising dollar figures into it also.  My demographic isn't the most highly sought but one thing for sure, my demographic watches news far more often then might be thought.  Especially news on television.  I don't know many contemporaries who stream anything on their devices if they even own one. I know my eyes couldn't handle watching much of anything on a tablet for very long and forget my phone.

All I can do is hope they come to their senses.  Let Samantha Bee and her foul mouthed attempt at humor go and keep Jeff Glor.

I fear, however, such hope is wasted effort.

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