Wednesday, August 15, 2018

When Did Not Growing Up Become Acceptable?

Never in my ever shortening life have I seen so many supposed adults acting like self-indulgent children.  It isn't just Donald Trump though he certainly seems to be leading the parade.

It's truly frightening to see how many people close to my own age are indulging themselves in this new pattern of behavior.  Look at some that surround Trump.  Rudy Giuliani for instance.  He just cannot bring himself to keep his mouth shut.  Of course I guess it's difficult when one's foot is usually in it.

It amazes me that these people don't see themselves in those they excoriate. The Democratic leadership for example.  The word positive is no longer in their vocabulary.  From Schumer to Pelosi, every word uttered spells doom and gloom. It gets worse with members of the Black Caucus.  How can people be so filled with hate?
Let's not forget Hillary who has yet to admit that she might be at least minutely responsible for her own loss.

Then the media.  The histrionics displayed daily on MSNBC and CNN in particular make me wonder why these people aren't given downers before being allowed on air.  The FOX personalities are no better.  Dobbs gets apoplectic on a nightly basis as do Hannity and Ingraham.  Man, it's exhausting trying to watch them - never mind that its the same stories ad nauseum day in and day out.

Let's not forget the FBI and Mueller and the invisible Department of Justice.  They are so intent in getting a free ride to the tune of millions of tax payer money they've forgotten what justice is supposed to be about.

All of them, every last one of them is acting like an over indulged child who knows there will be no consequences.  That is because we have no recourse since they have exempted themselves from consequences that would put the rest of us in jail.

At one time I thought I'd see my generation coming to the fore and bringing back a standard of honesty and decency but my generation's front men are among the most egregious offenders!

I don't blog so much any more because it's painful. I barely read or watch the news for the same reason. I have never seen our nation in such a precarious state.  The athletes kneeling during the national anthem don't get it's the wrong protest for what should be a legitimate cause.  Our politicians can no longer bring themselves to be pragmatic.  The media either no longer knows how or just doesn't care to be objective any more.

So I wait and hope the pendulum on the old clock isn't totally beyond repair and will soon begin to swing back toward the center. Perhaps the mid-terms will be an indication but I fear this ship of state is going to take some time to right itself.  I'd like to be here to see it.  I probably won't.

And you know what?  The child within needs to stay there.  Within.

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