Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Chew Bone 1

Okay. Now I'm irritated. The wife of a local police officer who was shot in the line of duty is complaining about the workers' comp benefits. They've denied a 99 cent bottle of aspirin. An editorial states she's worried for all of us if her husband, a cop, can't get a benefit as minor as this.

Boy are the politicos jumping on this one. How dare the director get a raise when benefits are being denied! First let me point out no workers' comp plan pays for non prescription recommendtions. More importantly :
1. The benefits allowed are a matter of public record.
2. The plan is for ALL workers who are injured on the job. Cops are not special.

As to that - the community came out in full support of this young man, raising a ton of money on his behalf though the circumstances are somewhat dubious. He was shot - yes. By whom has never been clarified because the ballistic reports were never made public. If it was indeed the man blamed one has to wonder at the compentency of the police who allowed him to slip his hand cuffs, get to a weapon and discharge it.

I'm sorry the officer was shot and am glad he survived. But getting shot doesn't make him a hero nor does it warrent his getting benefits not available for all.

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