Thursday, August 18, 2005

California Dreamin'

Driving down 95 I came upon a Jeep with a California vanity plate which read ELTON. I won't swear to it but I do believe it may have been Elton Gallegly, my mayor and then Congressman when I lived in Simi Valley. I knew him fairly well; he was an good and accommodating public servant and I'm sure serves his district well. Wow, that was 20 years ago but the gentleman behind the wheel bore a striking resemblance to the Elton I occasionally see on the news.

Wonder if he was up here trying to lure back some former constituents, myself and Steve Shortridge being among them! Or might he be looking to join the exodus when this Congressional duties cease. And then I wonder if it was really him. Ah,well, speculation is fun.

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