Friday, August 05, 2005


This morning I was thinking about my new doc. Interesting premise - treating only the uninsured. I guess he does treat others but his office won't bill insurance or medicare - let me clarify that. The point is to give patients a price break. I found myself thinking what a great service. And what a great challenge. I'm guessing uninsured's go to the doctor only when absolutely necessary. How many go when a problem is beyond an easy fix. I wonder that about myself. How many are not totally honest hoping to avoid additional cost only to make matters worse. I try not to do that. Don't know yet. And what happens when I have to leave him? Where will I find a Doctor who will take a medicare patient? My previous doctor hadn't been here a month when he found he didn't have to take them. It wasn't comforting then. It certainly isn't now.

So what is our government thinking when they say they're going to cut back medicare payments even more? This isn't going to save it - it's going to destroy it. People will be forced to the emergency room - the most expensive way to go. Hello? What am I missing here?

Is there a politician out there that will break from party lines and look at the reality of the situation - or will the premise that our rapidly growing base of seniors is truly expendable true? Come on Bill Frist. You're the majority leader of the Senate. You know we don't have your cadillac plan. Think some of these things through. You've shown you can do it with stem cell research. You want to be President. Take a chance and do what's right for your citizens.

And insurance companies - go back to being what you were created for - to insure. Obscene profits at the expense of those who pay you for their protection is a disgrace. Premiums and deductibles beyond the reach of those unfortunate enough to need insurance is immoral.

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