Sunday, August 14, 2005

Parking Et Al

I walked a bit further today and had time to muse a bit more. Thinking about all the fuss regarding parking fees and unpaid tickets makes me wonder if the powers that be around here ever leave town. If they do they apparently don't absorb much from their travels.

I have visited so many towns that survive on tourism that have it right I wonder why we don't. Parking is a big thing. Here it is scarce at best and expensive at worst. Most tourist towns have free or nominal fee parking to attract the tourists to stop and, more importantly attract the locals who they desperately need in the off season. A long off season at that.

When meeting friends for lunch we avoid downtown like the plague. Parking being the main reason. First finding a place then the jump from one to three dollars - or whatever it currently is. It's not that we can't afford it; it's a psychological barrier and seems a bit expensive when they want you to stick around and support the businesses. Just like realtors who have you price your home at $299,950 rather than $300,000 - it's that barrier. Why not free parking on week ends at least? Why not open government buildings, banks, office building lots in the evenings and again on weekends?

And why does a town like Coeur d'Alene have a conglomerate like Diamond parking run the show in the first place?

On to parking tickets and edifice complexes. Is perhaps the shortage of jail space due to the fact too many people are being jailed for offenses that don't really warrant it? Like four unpaid parking tickets?? Come on. Sounds darn close to empire building to me.

And on that thought - with all the empty space in this town why not remodel some of it for a new library. There would appear to be precious little space for PARKING at the proposed location. Also considering the logistics of the citizens who might like to use it - how many will schlepp downtown to do so? Edifice complex anyone?

And I don't want to hear about costs. Quit giving away revenue due the city by currying Hagadon's favor.

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Paula Sorensen said...

I lived in Coeur d' Alene in 1885 and I attended college there. I was 38 at the time. My husband & I owned an auto parts store in McCall, Idaho and it was just too hard to make a living in such a small time. We had heard that Coeur d' Alene was a nice town and much warmer than McCall. HA!
We rented a house out of town and my Hubby got a job with UPS thanks to a high school (Reseda, California)buddy that worked with the Job Service in Sand Point,.
We found Coeur to be unfriendly to new comers. Our immediate neighbors never spoke to us unless we made contact first. Granted we lived out of town in a rural neighborhood. We had 13 acres (all rented) and 2 horses, 3 kids, and 2 dogs. Our neighbor, across the road, had chickens he let roam (loose). He had a gun on his hip and would shoot at my dog if my dog went down the road (public) and his chickens were out. They were always out!

Funny, we met Woody -- a restaurant owner at our fav. breakfast spot. Can't remember the name of the place. Woody was the brother of my husband's old college club. I hear from my son's in-laws (they live in Post Falls) that Woody is running for mayor??? True?
I will check your blog as we have a common thread. I don't miss Coeur but I miss the beauty of Idaho in general. We live in Copperton (also called Bingham Canyon) Utah. This little town is just west of Salt Lake City. My husband and I both work in the city but we have the joys of the silence of the small town--although not the beauty of Idaho.
Where else have you lived? I see Hagadon is still running the place?
I loved the little college. North Idaho College. Is it still called that? I had a great professor, McLeod. A funny Scotsman--being Scottish, we had that in common.
Small world. Thanks for the blog.