Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Winters Past, Winters Present

Yesterday I waxed nostalgic for winters past in Rochester. And that's just what they are, past. Today is a sampling of winters present. Maybe three inches of snow greeted the morning and lack of newspapers so my snow man headed out to clean the drive.

Bacchus and I stared each other down. I had a set of Mutt Luks in hand and this was the morning to try them. He suction cupped himself to the floor but after much tugging, twisting, coddling and "good boys" we were ready to venture forth. I anticipated trouble as he slipped and slid to the garage. Adjustments were needed already. However once outside there was snow! Yesterday was a joke but today there was enough to actually wallow in. So we leaped and bounded our way to the street and ooops! Those blasted Muk Luks have no tread. They're as worthless on snowpack as bald tires!

The barrel pit lost its allure and Bacchus dug in so we headed back to the shop and shed the boots. He glowered at me. I knew what he was thinking, "I'm a Saint Bernard for crying out loud. I don't need boots!" Ha! He doesn't choose to remember how he used to gimp with ice balls frozen between his toes and Mom grousing because her fingers were freezing from trying to thaw them enough to get him home. But Mom remembers! He may have won the battle but he hasn't won the war!

So into the back yard to romp and roll. I joined the snow man on the driveway. He with snow blower, me cleaning up the dregs on tractor with plow. Trust me, this isn't lake effect powder!

The Hunnies found their food and so have the Finches. The first real snow of the season still has its charm. New winters, new memories. Not all bad.


Word Tosser said...

Looks like Bacchus is having a ball in the snow.
Rokon the cat, who almost tripped me running to the door each morning has found her brakes, as she runs to the door and see the snow. The first morning she ran out and circled the deck and ran back in before the door shut. And if looks could kill, I be dead.. you would think I was the one who put the snow out there. Now she just sits on the back of the chair and looks out, hoping it will all melt away. So guess she will be a house cat again, until Spring. lol

Mel said...

Nice posts, Mari, m'dear ;) I haven't played in the snow in ages, not since I last went to the States for Christmas of '95. Two things come to mind:

1) There was a hole in one my gloves and by the time we went back inside from making a snowman and stuff, my finger was practically falling off xD

2) There was a frozen puddle one day and I thought it would be cool to stomp on it to see what it was like... I slipped and fell hard on my butt, THUNK!...

Hey, I said "cool", not "smart" *snicker* :P