Monday, December 05, 2005

A Barrel of Fun

This was to be the day to return to serious topics. However when beastie boy woke us at 3 a.m. shaking his head so hard he'd either give himself whiplash or another hematoma I knew the morning would be shot. There was an outside chance a spider had crawled into his ear but more likely beastie boy had morphed into "yeastie" boy with a return of a yeast infection. These floppy eared guys are prone to it.

So after a morning at the vet suffering all the indignities one has to suffer just to get his ears checked we are back home $120.00 poorer and ointment out the kazoo richer. But - checked the fan mail and Bay View Herb ( and any of you who wondered if this would appear) the photo is for you!

We'll try serious again tomorrow.

1 comment:

Word Tosser said...

Awa.... he looks so down hearted... like..
"Ma, do I really have to wear this thing?"