Monday, January 30, 2006

"The Year Of The Dog" Daze

The "Year of the Dog" is officially upon us. Not surprisingly Bacchus doesn't understand the big fuss - every year is the "Year of the Dog" at his house.

He does share many of the traits of those born in "The Year of the Dog" - a deep sense of loyalty, honesty and the ability to keep secrets. Also selfish - don't let another dog near; terribly stubborn - a trait shared by every Saint we've ever had and eccentric - he does march to his own drummer.

He, however, was not born in the "Year of the Dog". He was born in "The Year of the Rabbit". That's probably what he chases in his dreams. He shares a lot of "Rabbit" traits too - they are admired and trusted, seldom lose their temper and have an uncanny gift for choosing the right thing - like his parents??

His Mom was born in the "Year of the Snake" and his Dad "The Year of the Dragon". The descriptions fit. It would seem we've quite a household of pretty distinct critters - until you look at Foo Dogs or Chinese Lions. Are they canine or feline or (gasp) both? Bacchus spent his formative months before joining us with a live-in kitten. To this day he tucks his paws under his chest just like the Calico Girls. But enough is enough - he's our live-in Saint and what more could a household want?

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Mel said...

Well, I'm glad someone was able to clear up what this whole "year of the [animal]" thing means, 'cause the reporters sure as heck didn't. For some reason, the editor in chief thought it was enough to say, "Yeah... year of the dog... on to the next report".

I know I could've looked it up myself, but it never occurs to me, ehheh *waves nervously*

Cute post :)