Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Butch "Otter" Be Safe!

Wow! Idaho is going to have its very own cross between Kinky Friedman and Al Franken. Kinky running for governor of Texas, Franken considering pulling a Jesse Ventura in Minnesota - though for the moment he's being coy.

Our version is one Dan Adamson from Twin Falls who was profiled in this morning's Spokesman in an article headed "Gubernatorial hopeful admits his ideas may marginalize him" by Jonel Aleccia. An unsuccessful Congressional candidate in the 1980's, he laments "Innovative ideas have never been popular." He goes on stating that " Idaho politics is absolutely barren of excitement." He's right about that and the reason would be, seems to me, the lack of serious competition for the Republican stalwarts. Though I'd like to see a more diverse field of candidates from which to choose, this guy isn't representative of anything any voter should take seriously. And I rather resent his wasting our time.

Curious, I visited his website - After weeding through games and prizes and a rather lame fund raising scheme I finally found what passes for his profile. Nothing there to get my vote. I read through his platform, if that's what you call it. A lot of demands with no concrete way of accomplishing any of them other than the tired "working with the legislature".

Goes to show the lust for public attention isn't limited to any one political party. They all have their nut cases. Whether Kinky or Franken can carry the Ventura mantle of governance is yet to be determined. At least here in Idaho we're safe. Mr. Adamson hasn't a chance - he lacks the necessary celebrity.

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stebbijo said...

I have been missing too much of you!

I so agree! If things don't change - I am going to run Bruce Willis for governor. I have had enough - sexy holds more weight with me.