Friday, February 17, 2006

Have We Been Mooned?

I'm beginning to know the euphoria comedians feel when occurences like the Cheney hunting mishap occur. This past week has been full of such headlines - too many for me to address seriously; so here are a few to lighten up the coming weekend.

Today in the Press - "Skimpy magazines targeted". Wow, not only the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue but wedding and fitness slicks as well! Aimed at outlets in Hayden such as grocery stores, to keep her kids from seeing too much skin, the lady who brought the advisory proposal before the city council doesn't even live in Hayden! Boy are they scampering for not having done their homework. Watch out all you guys with six pack abs and thong wearing teeny bops at City Beach - the morality police are alive and on the move!

"No charges to be filed against ex-Spokane mayor". No matter that it only applies to possible Federal filings under stringent guidelines. This man has no shame. Vehemently denying wrong doing from some years long gone for which the statute of limitations have run out in an attempt to obfuscate the fact that he did solicite sex with under age men on city computers. Oh, but he's vindicated and may even run for mayor again!!

"Schools turn sticklers with tag". In the interests of preventing any type of scratch, bump or bruise which teaches a kid how to cope, where it is allowed, rip away ribbon belts must be used and snowballs can only be thrown at easels set up along the edge of the playground. Seems the plywood snowman that had been used has disappeared. They might look under a pile of spent snowballs!

"Danish pastries renamed in Iran". We should remind them "Freedom Fries" never caught on. I think asking for "Roses of the Prophet Muhammad" might even have a tougher time of it.

"Cd'A man faces life term after copying $20 bill" - on a copy machine in Post Falls.

"Lawmaker wants cap on state cigar tax" to make them more affordable to protect the small tobacco shops. Of course there is no place left to go to smoke them.

...I won't even begin on the letters to the editor...

Monday, February 13 was the night of the Full Moon. Native Indian tribes of the north and east called February's Full Moon the Full Snow Moon. Some tribes also referred to this Moon as the Full Hunger Moon as artic weather conditions often made hunting and food gathering very unproductive.

The only thing being "snowed" or "starved" here is our intellect! March will be the Full Worm Moon. Happy Presidents' weekend.


stebbijo said...

This was really cute Mari.

I used to work a couple of ER rooms as an ER secretary. There is something to be said about "the full moon!"

stebbijo said...

It has been a day -- I mean floors in hospitals not "rooms."